Webinar: Learning Management System State of Affairs by Craig Weiss

  • 19 Nov 2014
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Webinar
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620 and counting.

The industry in 2000 was the wild west, with plenty of snake oil salespeople out there, telling you what you want to hear, even if it wasn’t the case. Sadly, in 2014, it hasn’t changed.

In fact, I have seen an increase – very likely do to more newbies – that do not even understand what is e-learning, how it works and for example, a LMS/learning system/learning platform is under the umbrella term of e-learning. Social learning? Under E-Learning. Mobile? Under E-Learning. Talent Management – slowly sliding under E-Learning (good or bad from your perspective).

Market with high revenue potential, yet has minimal competition – Content providers, B2B – unique angle – many systems do not understand the space, nor have a system that truly delivers what these markets need.

  • Space with the most competition - Internal Employees
  • Must Have Features – HOT! Sizzling!
  • Features on the Rise – Roadmap if not in play
  • Features to Watch – My Top 10
  • Must have feature even if you have a lame version of it or see it as a waster
  • Break it down – What is it?
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Don’t buy into the hype, rather buy the system that works the best for you.
  • Why does the confusion exist?
  • Advantages of 620+
  • Time Period
  • For soft HCMS whereas learning is just one of many components, that learning is still under e-learning. The HRMS? No, not even close.
  • Type of Solution on the upswing
  • How is a Self-Service System defined?
  • Bottom Line

Craig Weiss, CEO of E-Learning 24/7, is a thought leader and expert in the eLearning industry, including mLearning. Named recently as the second most-influential person in the world for eLearning, Craig is an analyst and blogger. Since 2009, when he launched his blog, his forecasts have been over 90% accurate. Back in 2009, Craig predicted that the growth of mLearning would be tied to tablets, which turned out to be true.