DC ATD January Webinar: The Metrics of Talent Development: Many metrics; One Methodology

  • 20 Jan 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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The Metrics of Talent Development: Many Metrics; One Methodology

Though many trainers know the Kirkpatrick 4 levels of evaluation, they rarely use Level 3- or department/function/organizational impact is almost never implemented. Mel’s 3Ms approach begins with describing Level 3 in precise terms and then provides a framework for managerial initiatives to accomplish Level 3 performance results that supports 1. Improved organizational performance, 2. and improved corporate culture, 3. Highly skilled staff, 4. and any skills sets that contribute to organizational cost savings, performance improvement and/or a work environment that supports staff motivation, well-being and longevity. Mel Schnapper, Ph.D. will present an innovative methodology for measuring any qualitative and/or quantitative dimension of any performance at any level that supports improved results at the individual and organizational levels. This session will focus on creating standards of performance using precise and rigorous qualitative and quantitative metrics that define the T&D value so there is no place for ambiguity regarding its contribution.. Mel will have participants apply his “3Ms: Measure, Manage and Magnify” methodology to participants’ current and/or anticipated clients to show, in measurable terms, what the client is paying for and how the can be increased.

Mel Schnapper, Ph.D., is an independent consultant and the founder and past Chairman of the Metrics Specific Interest Group (SIG) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a leading expert in the development of metrics for measuring, managing and improving performance. His approach to metrics comes from his training in Organization Behavior (metrics are social products), Linguistics (metrics must have a common meaning amongst those who work together) and corporate project management when he was Quality Manager for Oracle Corporation’s, Global Project Management Service Line. His current consulting activity is in the areas of: performance management systems, career development, succession planning, leadership skills, teamwork skills and, of course, measuring the effectiveness of all of these interventions. In addition to his US-based corporate roles as Director of OD/Training for the Quaker Oats Company, Chicago Board Options Exchange, G.D. Searle Pharmaceuticals in Chicago, his international consulting activity has been in 26 countries bringing his metrics approach to democratization, government reform and institutional capacity building.

Mel Schnapper, Ph.D.

Chief Metrics Guru
Mobile: 1- 202 847-9639
Washington, DC 20012



Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results: An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit by Dr. Mel Schnapper

Contents of Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results go to: Value Based Metrics

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