Metro DC Chapter of ATD Workshop - Finding the Words: How to Share Your Business Offerings Effectively and Mastering Delivery Using Comedy

  • 06 May 2016
  • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • AILA Conference Center, 1331 G Street, NW Washington, DC
  • 29


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One of two workshops on May 6, 2016. This worshop is 1:30pm-5:30pm.

Trainers win contracts by delivering great results. Trainers win repeat contracts by delivering a great experience. The best way to create an unforgettable experience is to make them laugh. In this only-one-of its kind session made specifically for training professionals, attendees will learn the super-secret formulas for crafting and telling stories that attract and hook people to their business. As a bonus, attendees will receive the step-by-step process for writing magnetic marketing copy that attracts people to your training programs. Join us to learn and practice the ultimate comedic techniques to create a powerfully memorable training experience.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

Develop original jokes, employ absurdity, and drop one liners that close deals and drive higher profit margin sales.

Deliver training like a PRO by crafting original jokes, dropping one liners, & engaging audiences on the fly using time-tested techniques of professional comedians

Utilize the ultimate content marketing toolkit to create content that positions you as THE authority in your specific niche

Sardek Love, Chief Executive Officer
The Profitable Training Business Academy

With nearly a decade of globetrotting experience equipping thousands of people in over 25 countries to believe, achieve, and succeed, Sardek used those questions as the springboard for launching and growing a profitable international consulting and training business. Unlike almost all independent trainers and consultants, not only did he find the proven system for business success, Sardek shows you exactly what do to and when to do it.

You will have the step-by-step system for fine tuning your purpose, sharing your unique gifts with the world, and multiplying your impact.

Known worldwide for his highly engaging style and extremely practical methods for helping people achieve peak performance, Sardek fuses the proven concepts he learned directly from the world’s leading authorities on leadership, business, training, and success such as John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and Les Brown to enable you to go further faster than you ever dreamed possible.

As one of only eight people in the world authorized to teach the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master TrainerTM designation course, Sardek develops and equips the best and brightest in the entire training and consulting industry.

Goeff Woliner
Faculty – Stand-Up
Communication to Take Your Business into the Stratosphere

As a longtime stand-up comedian and expert in presentation skills, facilitation, sales, recruiting and association development, he always dreamed of building a unique business that would blend the comedic principles of the stage with the communication needs of the real world.

There were many questions about this idea: Will people take a comedian seriously in a corporate setting? Is the idea of stand-up comedy as an effective means of communication too far outside the box? Will, "Stick around for the 9:30 show and try the veal" work for a Fortune 500 executive?

Geoff used these questions to create the framework of his company, Winning Wit, and, over time, turn it into a cutting-edge, profitable business. Unlike many other communications consultants who try to turn you into them, Geoff uses his experience on stage to help you become a more dynamic you.

His philosophy is that everyone has a great story to tell, and with the right application of stage techniques, everyone else will be excited to hear that unique story as well. Geoff helps people make their content compelling, exciting, attention-grabbing, and most of all, memorable.

Recognized by Kentucky Bride Magazine, WTOP Radio and several other outlets as a leader in comedic speechwriting and coaching, Geoff has worked with CEO's, law firms, entrepreneurs, private groups and individuals across every industry to help them successfully tell their stories to the world.

Having performed in hundreds of comedy clubs throughout North America, Geoff has a wealth of stage experience that's helped him identify how to best connect with audiences while maintaining your authentic voice. Applying these hard-earned lessons helps his clients take their businesses to the next level by projecting the most confident and exciting versions of themselves to prospects and partners.

As the author of "The Wedding Speech Bible" series, Geoff shares best practices from the stage to help wedding parties write and deliver speeches that mesmerize audiences full of family and friends. And as a travel writer who has authored "Exploring Downtown New York," "Montreal: A Journey Through La Belle Ville," Geoff uses the same concepts of enticing language, suspenseful set-ups and powerful finishes to bring these locales to life for travelers.

Geoff works with the absolute best and brightest entrepreneurs to help them become the star of the show every time they enter the room. And having worked as the National Chapter Manager for ATD, he has a deep understanding of the L&D landscape and a passion for helping professionals in this industry thrive.

Most of all, Geoff operates on one core principle: "Your success is his success."

The Conference Center at 1331 G Street is accessible, and within walking distance of every major Metro subway line—green and yellow (Gallery Place) and red, orange and blue (Metro Center). Taxi cabs are plentiful, and several parking garages are located within a 1-block perimeter.

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

This session is one of two hosted by this presenter on the same day. If you are interested in registering for both sessions your registration rate will be discounted ($299 for members, $349 for non-members). To register for the additional session, Getting Your Business Off the Ground: Build The Ultimate Training Business Profit Plan, please click here.

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