Metro DC Chapter ATD: Leadership Development and Free Agents CoPs Trends and Technologies

  • 05 Dec 2017
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Webinar
  • 17


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As part of Employee Learning Week 2017, we are presenting a series of webinars from the CoP leaders on trends and technologies in the respective CoP areas. In this webinar, you will hear from two different CoP leaders: Leadership Development CoP Leader Leslie Schreiber and Free Agent CoP Leader Heather Archer. Leslie Schreiber will speak at 7:30 p.m. (ET) about Well-being: An Often-Neglected Leadership Superpower and Heather Archer will speak at 8:05 p.m. (ET) about Networking. Wellbeing: An Often-Neglected Leadership Superpower

In their efforts to execute grand visions and motivate teams, leaders often forget to take care of themselves. However, their efforts are only as good as their inner strength and vision. So, effective leaders make time to take care of themselves and ensure they operate from a place of well-being. “Just as we exercise to train our bodies and increase physical fitness, we can train our brains to optimize wellbeing.” Eric Langshur and Nate Klemp, PhD are co-authors of the book Start Here: A Ground Breaking-Science Based Program for Emotional Fitness. In their book, they argue that wellbeing is a skill that can be trained into lifelong habits.

Come join us as Leslie Schreiber, M.Ed, leadership development enthusiast, facilitates part book-club, part report out as she introduces us to the Start Here: LIFE XT program and shares success stories from colleagues. The nine-week program, while not a “get-happy-quick” approach, is rigorous and includes incorporating movement, inquiry, gratitude, quality time, and more into a weekly schedule. It might be just what you’re looking for! During 2017, the Free Agent CoP welcomed several speakers covering the ever popular topic of networking. They covered it from a variety of different angles and gave our members a healthy buffet of tips and tricks to start using immediately. This session will cover a few of those tips and tricks.

Presenters:  Leslie Schreiber, Leadership Develoment CoP and Heather Archer, Free Agent CoP

Leslie Schreiber is passionate about creating opportunities for professional and personal change at all levels of leadership through coaching, organizational development, and team building. Leslie was introduced to the book Start Here when attending the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program at George Mason University. As an author, trainer, and consultant, she enjoys interacting with colleagues by sharing ideas and strategies to help ourselves and our clients. Check out her profile at

Heather Archer has been a trainer for over 25 years. In June 2017, she decided to step back out on her own as a Free Agent in the training world. Attending the Free Agent CoP meetings, both before and after she made the break, helped her to gain confidence in her decision, begin establishing a network of other free agents and provided her with knowledge and information she might not have otherwise had.