CPLP Study Group for DC Chapter Members Registration

  • 25 Jun 2018
  • 9:00 AM
  • 06 Jul 2018
  • 5:00 PM
  • Virtual - dates are listed in the description
  • 26


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Are you ready to take your learning and performance career to the next level? Demonstrate your expertise, passion and dedication to high standards with one acronym. Convene with like-minded individuals to begin your journey towards earning the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance credential starting July 17. You can virtually join Deadra Welcome, CPLP, and your fellow CPLP candidates to lay the groundwork for creating your study plan to sit for either two of the remaining 2018 CPLP Knowledge Exam testing windows and the last 2018 CPLP Skills Exam testing window. 

Program Goals:

By the end of the CPLP study program, you will: 

  1. Review the fundamental information identified by the CPLP competency model needed to sit for the CPLP Knowledge Exam. 
  2. Identify gaps in knowledge and develop a personalized study plan to prepare for the CPLP Knowledge Exam. 
  3. Create an action plan for your work product submission.

Tentative Session Outline
Date Session New Material
17-Jul  Session 1 Introduction
21-Jul  Session 2 AOE 3 Training Delivery
28-Jul  Session 3 AOE 2 Instructional Design
4-Aug  Session 4 AOE 1 Performance Improvement
11-Aug Session 5 AOE 5 Evaluating Learning Impact & AOE 4 Learning Technologies
18-Aug Session 6 AOE 6 Managing Learning Programs & AOE 7 Integrated Talent Management &
22-Aug Session 7 AOE 8 Coaching & AOE 11 Global Mindset
25-Aug Session 8 AOE 9 Knowledge Management & AOE 10 Change Management
29-Aug Session 9 Review (optional)

Participant Requirements
In order to ensure your success in this study group you should be prepared to:

  • Be member to the DC Chapter of ATD
  • Own your own copy of the ATD Learning System. The Learning System can be purchased here: https://www.td.org/membership/cplp-learning-systemsubscription
  • Actively contribute to this group by delivering short, informal presentations related to a self-selected AOE. 
  • Be ready to provide a brief orientation of your AOE one week in advance and lead a brief review session of your AOE one week after the presentation. 
  • Participate in all virtual study sessions after the kick off. Although this program is part of a guided study, you will ultimately guarantee your success by being a strong self-directed learner. 
Questions about this study group can be directed to the 2018 CPLP Study Group Facilitator, 2018cplp@dcatd.org