Action Mapping with Asking the Right Questions - Instructional Design CoP Metro DC Chapter - Professional Capability Application

  • 26 Oct 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom
  • 17


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This event aligns with the Professional Capability Application of ATD's Talent Development Capability Model.

Cathy Moore’s action mapping is one of the most practical and applicable tools for Instructional Designers to use over the last two decades. It is a working backwards process to create less content and more impact. While it is an elaborate process, I’ve summarized over 100 pages of her book on action mapping in a single slide. We’re going to walk through this single slide so you can start applying the basic mental model on your project right away:

  • What do people need to DO? -- Not know. Not general knowledge or skills. In your role, in your current position to make a difference.
  • What makes it difficult to DO? -- No, training may not be the answer. Content is surely not. Without knowing WHY you're not able to do what you're supposed to, everything will be just trial and error, resulting in mostly errors.

Presenter:  Zsolt Olah, Manager, Digital Learning & Experience at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Zsolt Olah has 20+ years of innovation in the intersection of technology, learning science, and motivation. Pioneer in working experience design (WXD): LXD with a focus on empowering the workforce to get the job done. Champion of less content, more impact. Published author, speaker, eLearning hero, and mediocre soccer player.

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