Breakfast Session: Out of the Box: From Command & Control to Connect & Collaborate - Session Full!

  • 29 May 2013
  • 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  • G Street Conference and Meeting Center, 1331 G Street NW, Washington, DC
  • 5


In IBM’s 2012 Global Study of 1700 CEO’s in 64 countries in 18 industries, 63% said “a collaborative environment” was the #1 organizational attribute they wanted to foster.

All the signs point in this direction:  The need for a smarter workforce.  Increased openness.  Organizations seeking to be more “nimble.”  De-layering.   The waning importance of hierarchy.   But how do you get from here to there?  How do you make sure your employees are ready to create, cultivate, and capitalize on internal and external alliances, so they can be leaders in the new network-oriented workplace?

There’s nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come.  In this interactive presentation, three global thought leaders will guide discussions between you and your peers as you explore:  

  • 10 game-changing research findings that make the Network-Oriented Workplace the best new antidote to low engagement and information overload
  • Why knowledge networks and social networks compliment, but don’t replace, trust networks
  • How teaching trust-building strategies leads to innovation and productivity
  • The 4 kinds of collaborative diversity that the well-connected employee needs
  • Why, in a pinch, likeability trumps competence (and which 3 likeability traits can be learned)
  • The 8 Networking Competencies needed by almost everyone, in almost every job type, at almost every level
  • 3 Driving Principles that increase trust and collaboration
    • Re-frame Networking: It’s not about talking and taking; it’s about teaching and giving
    • Risk Reaching Out: Shed indifference and show your character & competence
    • Reinforce the Network-Oriented Workplace:  Take one next step to encourage collaboration and trust


Andre Alphonso, of Sydney, Australia.  Andre has been in a number of leadership roles with the Forum Corporation, a leading management consulting firm.  He helps organizations increase their sales, service, management, and leadership capabilities.  Andre is a Partner in Contacts Count LLC, and responsible for Contacts Count’s work with clients in Australia, India and the Pacific Region.

Will Kitchen, founder of Global Performance Management Consulting, led IBM’s Workforce Development and Training Operation in India for more than 5 years and served as an IBM Learning Consultant in the US and Belgium for 10 years.  He’s an expert in all phases of leadership development and alliance building for leaders and managers.   Will is Contacts Count’s Business Development Director, North America.

Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count LLC, is a thought leader in the field of business and professional networking and alliance-building.  She’s the co-author of Make Your Contacts Count (AMACOM, 2nd edition) and The Networking Competency Assessment which measures skill in 8 competencies.   Clients include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, KPMG, Booz Allen, Sapient, the US Senate, the CIA, and many universities, associations, and professional services firms.